How to order an SSL certificate for a site

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What are SSL certificates and do you really need them?

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One of the main reasons for using SSL certificates on the Web is the use of HTTPS (especially HTTP / 2) when it comes to transferring data from forms or working with payment systems. Today, having an SSL certificate is a must have if the site owner respects his visitors.

The presence of HTTPS in the business site and the presence of SSL certificate from a well-known publisher testifies to the seriousness of the company's intentions and a responsible approach to the modern creation of the website.

Free SSL Certificates from Let's Encrypt

What is Let's Encrypt:'s_Encrypt .

Each of our servers allows you to easily and quickly create free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt for web domains and automatically extend their validity (re-sign). In most cases, a certificate from Let's Encrypt is sufficient for a full-fledged website.

You should be aware of the problem with Let's Encrypt from September 30, 2021: .

If you realize that the probable problems with Let's Encrypt are not for you and you are ready for the insignificant cost of buying an SSL certificate from reputable publishers, the following information is for you.

Order an inexpensive SSL certificate for the site

Go to the SSL Certificates section:

Select any of the proposed options by clicking "Order".

We pass to the order form:

In this form, select the previously created data record for the certificate from the list.

Remember that errors in the domain name can be costly fro you! The entered data cannot be changed after the SSL certificate is issued. If you make a mistake in the data, the only way to change is to buy a new certificate. Carefully check the information in the " SSL Certificate Data " section .

Where to get a promo code?

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Payment of the order

The next step will be a choice between several online payment systems and bank details for payment through the cash desk of any bank.

The list of payment systems may differ from the one shown.

Once you've selected your payment system, click 'Go to payment form.' Redirection to the selected payment system will happen automatically.

In the case of details in PDF, the site will offer to save the file to the file system of your device (smartphone, laptop or PC). You can print the PDF yourself or send it to your accountant for payment.

It will be recalled that information services from are provided by FOP Group III, the same can be ordered by legal entities registered in Ukraine (the contract for the provision of services is concluded separately if necessary).

Services for individuals are provided under a public contract offer: .

How will the payment be credited?

With online payment, the Client can return to our site from the payment form after successful payment. Banking will send online payment details automatically. The application for the SSL certificate will be sent to the Registrar automatically.

Payments by details are credited manually. If the Client has correctly specified the order number, it will be activated by our managers, about which the Client will receive a notification by Email. To expedite the verification and activation of the ordered service, you (or your accountant) can send a copy of the bank receipt to with the order number in the subject.

To receive details about the ordered service (text body of the certificate and key, validity period, etc.), go to the Personal Cabinet and select " SSL certificates " in the menu on the right.

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