How to order web hosting for a site?

First of all, we recommend that you log in. How to do it is described here: .

We choose the tariff

In the section of tariff plans of our web hosting, choose the one you want:

Each block of tariffs has an "Order" button with the expected functionality. This button leads the potential customer to the following form:

The most important thing that can be chosen in this form is the period for which the service is ordered. You can choose from 1 to 12 months.

When you change the period, the price is recalculated automatically and the line "Total payable" shows the actual amount that can be paid in the next step.

In this form it is possible to use the trial period of the hosting service and get a free placement of the site (trial) for 7 days. You can use the test period only once. All subsequent hosting orders will not have this option if you have already used the trial period.

As part of the loyalty program, the Client may have a certain percentage discount on certain services. Information about the individual discount will be displayed in the same form. The price will be shown taking into account the personal discount.

Also, when placing an order, you can enter a promo code and get a significant discount on it.

Where to get a promo code?

We distribute promo codes through personal e-mails to our regular customers and on our Facebook page: .

Payment of the order

The next step (if you have not chosen the test period) will be a choice between several online payment systems and bank details for payment through the cash desk of any bank.

The list of payment systems may differ from the one shown in the screenshot.

Once you've selected your payment system, click 'Go to payment form.' Redirection to the selected payment system will happen automatically.

In the case of details in PDF, the site will offer to save the file to the file system of your device (smartphone, laptop or PC). You can print the PDF yourself or send it to your accountant for payment.

It will be recalled that web hosting services are provided by FOP Group III, so the customer may be legal entities registered in Ukraine (the contract for the provision of services is concluded separately if necessary).

Services for individuals are provided under a public contract offer: .

How will the payment be credited?

With online payment, the Client can return to our site from the payment form after successful payment. Banking will send online payment details automatically. Your ordered service will also be activated automatically.

Payments by details are credited manually. If the Client has correctly specified the order number, it will be activated by our managers, about which the Client will receive a notification by Email. To expedite the verification and activation of the ordered web hosting service, you (or your accountant) can send a copy of the bank receipt to with the order number in the subject.

To receive details about the ordered service (access, validity, etc.), go to the Personal Cabinet and select " Web-hosting " in the menu on the right.

You still have questions?