100% discount in Putin's death Day by promo code #PutinDead

This is how the Ukrainian diaspora met the death of the former dictator and executioner of the peoples - Stalin in March 1953 (the inscription on the poster - 1203 The restaurant offers you to try FREE BORSCH as a celebration of Stalin's death) :

We want to join the world flash mob even before it became mainstream.

On the day of the death of the next Kremlin dictator and tyrant of all the peoples of Russia, we will include the promo code #PutinDead so that all users can get our web services at a 100% discount.

Until this All-Ukrainian holiday comes, we offer to share this promo code with friends, bookmark the page and help the Armed Forces to accelerate our victory.

Also, you can do right now:

- order inexpensive web-hosting;

- order SSL certificates (including Let's Encrypt);

- delegate Ukrainian domain names.

And yet, we provide free hosting for volunteer organizations:

and we have not provided our services to Muscovites since the beginning of our activities in 2016.

We are approaching the victory of Ukraine on all fronts! Sincerely, the m-host.net team.

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